Sustainability Consulting Program


Sustainability Consulting Program under NI Service Corps provides an opportunity for students to use their business skills to help local nonprofits, organizations and businesses. Consultants engage in short-term, part-time consulting projects related to marketing, business planning and operations, strategic planning, and other business needs, with a focus on sustainability.


Sustainability Consulting Program under NI Service Corps provides members with tangible experiences, opens career opportunities, and brings valuable business skills to the sustainability sector. It is a hands-on way to turn Net Impact ideals into action, and a great opportunity for those interested in sustainability or consulting careers.


This Semester we will be working on a project with Green Towers.


Here is a description of each:


Green Towers - "We are interested in exploring a lease-to-own business model with the Rotating Living Wall. This means that the farmers would get a system for free, and based off of the increased profits they will be making, pay off the system over a period of time."




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