NI National Conference: Derreck Kayongo

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Derreck Kayongo is a man who wanted to obtain a new life in America by going to school. Upon his first day staying in a hotel he was overcome with emotions when he saw how many different soaps were at his disposal. In Uganda, the place he was born and raised, the number one killer to children was hygiene-related diseases. After a couple of days, he was surprised to see that the previous soaps he used the days before were gone and replaced daily. Derreck became curious about what happened to the soap that was taken away. He found out that it all went to waste and saw an opportunity. With the help of his wife, he made an effort to take all of the disposed and unused soaps from hotels to change lives internationally.


In 32 countries, Derreck Kayongo and his wife have been able to help those in need who have no way of cleaning themselves. The Global Soap Project is one for the books and was able to grow from all the hard work that they put into this project. On weekends, the Kayongo’s would gather as many soap bars as they could so they could create other soap bars in the future. They were extremely anxious, but eventually got the help they needed when Derreck met Vicki Gordan, a veteran hospitality executive, and shared his idea with her. From then on, the Kayongo’s dream became a reality and they were able to make a difference.


Although the Kayongo’s have stepped down from running the project, they are still amazed with the progress their project has made under the leadership of Sam Stephens. Kayongo may not be working directly with this project anymore, but he still is working in the world to make a difference. As a public speaker and a retired CEO, he goes to business meetings to talk about what can be done to help others. He is a huge supporter of civil and human rights and can instill that into others in order to unify everyone



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