Green Building Alliance Info Session

Monday, February 27, 2017





       It is a  given that most companies value sustainability but struggle with adopting alternative strategies to generate profit without compromising the environment. Being more sustainable is an issue that is easier said than done. Often times, companies operate unaware of the impact on all of their stakeholders. It is also very difficult for companies to work together to promote sustainability because they are unaware of each other’s needs


 - What is Green Building Alliance?

- How does Green Building Alliance transform talk into action?


It is a nonprofit organization geared towards connecting knowledge, transformative ideas, and collaborative action. On February 6th, Dr. Aurora Sharrard, Executive Director and VP of Innovation for Green Building Alliance, gave Net Impact a thorough introduction of the actions that Green Building Alliance has taken, and will continue to take, in order to improve sustainability throughout the United States.



Connecting Knowledge

Sustainability always starts with awareness. We can only solve a problem by identifying it.  Green Building Alliance has put special emphasis on the younger generation, young people need to be aware of the importance of sustainability before entering the workforce. The programs that Green Building Alliance promotes include solution-oriented projects such as creating a solar panel to store energy. These programs help form a generation that values sustainability. As they grow older, their buying power as consumers will transform sustainability into a brand-building tactic.



Transformative Ideas

For the older generation, who is already out in the work force, Green Building Alliance takes action with technical assistance. They help companies identify all the stakeholders before embarking on a project. Often times, a more sustainable project requires a higher financial cost. Green Building Alliance often takes on the role of writing letters to more influential stakeholders, persuading them to help fund this extra cost.

Collaborative and Incentivized Action



          Sustainability is a great way for companies to build their brand. Green Building Alliance offers this help with brand building by making their sustainable efforts public. It can also serve to help police companies that neglect sustainability. The Pittsburgh 2030 District reports and watches overs the sustainable efforts of their downtown and in Oakland. This incentivizes companies operating in Downtown and Oakland to benchmark. Collaboration comes into play when companies teach each other sustainable techniques. Companies benchmark each other in terms of reducing energy and water consumption, transportation emissions, indoor air quality, and much more. This delicate balance of collaboration and competition will allow companies to push each other forward in regards to stakeholder analysis as well as brand building. 






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