Reflections: The Success of the Up to Us Campus Challenge

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Alec Raymond


              I represent not only the teacher but also the student. Before joining this challenge I did not know much about the national debt other then what I believe, or hope, everyone knows. The only thing I knew is what I had heard over and over which was that we have a ridiculously huge national debt. That is why I see myself as the teacher and the student. I really joined because I wanted to learn more about the subject.

             This challenge gave me the perfect opportunity to get involved and to enhance my knowledge of the national debt problem. As a student I always knew that the national debt was a hot topic yet I could never really wrap my head around it. I really never thought I would be part of the solution to helping solve this huge fiscal challenge. Not to say that our team single handedly solved the problem ourselves. It was more like we invited a whole campus to help the nation solve the problem. And for that I am proud to be the teacher. I was able to learn a lot of interesting things about the national debt. For example I learned about the root of the problem and just how wide spread the problem really is. I then was able to pass this knowledge on to the rest of the university in what I believe to be a really exciting and fun way.

                If anything I hope that people see just how passionate I have become about this issue. I hope that they in turn realize that there are things that they can do to help. The first step being the same one that I took at the beginning of the challenge. Just looking to become more informed will really boost the nation’s chances of finding a solution to this problem. Just because it seems as though the big politicians in Washington are not too concerned and don’t seem to be doing anything it doesn't mean we have to replicate that trend. In fact I believe that change will only come once we show Washington that we have a voice and that they need to listen.

                It’s time we take matters into our own hands and start making the difference one educated person at a time. The solution will not happen overnight but it can start today. I hope that is started the day we got over 1,000 pledges signed. That really shows that this generation cares about the national debt. I hope that when we show how many pledges we got the government officials they will finally take notice. We really need to be the difference in this fiscal problem. When government fails to fix the problem we need to take it upon ourselves. I am proud to be part of the solution today.


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