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Malta General; History of Malta: Starts in BC .5200. The ports in the amazing naturalness built at these dates are: Some of which have been safe refugees, and whom it has led to the disaster.

On an early date, such as the years of BC: Here, by Sicilian Immigrants: Dealing with Agriculture, independent and self-sufficient society. Why, Sicilians? Because: in the glacial age, Malta and Sicilian islands are thought to be connected to each other.

In BC, in BC, thousands of the pyramids in Egypt were: Here on the island of Gozo: Ggantija and Malta Island: Hagar, huge temples were made. These structures were: wooden roofs.

In Paula, the Hypogeum’s Dhen rooms are in the rooms: more than 7,000 people have been revealed. During the periods, there were nuns that are constantly found in the prophecy room here.

Yes: Temples Period: It takes up to BC .2500. Today: These temples are protected by the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List.

Subsequently: In the late Sea journey, the maritime journey is developing the ability of people: Malta is becoming one of the important ports on marine trade routes. Thus: In time, the Phoenicians, ancient Greeks, Romans and Arabs: The region is often visited and the abode was held.

Particularly: Physicians, which are as well as a trader as well as the great warriors: they set up a big colony in North Africa. During this period: Between the years of BC, BC: Of the phenics. Because: These rotating inscriptions, coins and burials prove this situation.

Subsequently: Expanding to the south: In the war in BC, in the war, they defeat the Carthage and as a result, the first Roman effects in Malta are visible in Malta. Romans: Taking Mdina, they make homes around the high territory surrounding. In Rabat other than Mdina: The remains of a Roman house called Domus Romana were found.

The Byzantines to Malta are dominant. However: In MS.870, Arabs occupy the island. To Mdina they set up a fortress. In this period: Most of the Christians on the island are separated from the island, while the remains, they choose the Islam. 200 years of Arab Domination: Leaves great effects on the language and culture of the island. The production of cotton and citrus is started. The trade court expands.

Later: In 1282: On the island, Aragans are seen. When Germany, France sovereign, the island becomes one of the key points during the crusades. During this period: The noble grade in Malta begins to develop.

We are coming to the 16th century. During this period: the Mediterranean is the dominant of the Ottomans in Sultan Suleyman management. In this period: St. Crusade Knights attached to Jean Sect: They are driven from Jerusalem. They first settle on the island of Rhodes and there by the Ottomans, then settle in Sicily and Italy.

However, at the end: Holy Roman Emperor V. Karl: donations to the knights, Maltese island. Thus: 4000 knights, in 1530, they move to the Island of Malta. In the city of Birgu, they make the neighboring peninsula, walls and habitats at Senglea. The great harbor and its surroundings are the center of all kinds of events. The former Capital Mdina begins to fall on the review.

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