Gus Hansen – Poker Player History – Through the Far better Smashed


Gus Hansen – Poker Player History – Through the Far better Smashed

One must be a commercialization of that invention. For example, if the bulb was just something done for a surgical room, it would remain there, but when you make it a device to keep him a device to save people at night, so it invented this job is meaningful. If you have no invention, you continue to do the work that you can say that the Cut-Paste method. There is a very good invention of other kinds but it will implement the invention to a commercial product or service to meet the needs of people, so if you don’t have innovation again if anyone else is another.

You will think of every day, so the entrepreneurship has no time, gender, color, limit, space. When you call the entrepreneur for him, the person who follows innovations every moment, I wonder what I can produce a benefit. Maybe a little, but I extend the definition of entrepreneurship entrepreneur I asked a very active call while talking to a name in Turkey that we perceive it as such. ‘Is there a number in Turkey, so we have a few entrepreneurs?’ I was given an exceptionally large number. I said, ‘If Turkey ends this number.’ If we’re on this entrepreneurial 1 million.

The added value of the added value of high innovative products to the commercial state abroad. What to do, to create high value added product?

The most important part with knowledge, the division of education. Because people have an improper sharing on entrepreneurs. So here is the Steve Jobs university even finished, Bill Gates left the university. So that the university reading is also an awesome influence for entrepreneurship, no use. Shirts to some people, dresses can come narrowly. Since these people have left the college, it had other dreams, but they had other dreams, and they saw them fang out of the university. Is there untrained entrepreneurs? It will not be very clear, for example, I found the opportunity to meet Elon Musk today. I know the man read 7 hours a day. Such accidentally, the Valla is not what the lucky person is trying. So there is very serious labor. The second one of the most basic things to be tempted is to understand that this is a cooperative input.

I have my opinion so I have my opinion, I’m entrepreneur. I have a very beautiful idea of ​​my brother, but I know Nice nice ideas standing on the walls, but it stands there. This is something that is with the team and in the team, there is also not to throw the air (a little amiyane can escape). The basic job I look at every entrepreneurial team and necessarily every entrepreneurship team is to give importance to the team event.

Many more labor on female entrepreneurship. Turkey has initiated work done something in this direction, but it’s a matter of male-female entrepreneur, I need to say that there is no black and white issue. In fact, the entrepreneurs are very similar to each other, and one of these are very mis-known things that are very mis-known.

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