Gus Hansen – Online poker Gamer Story – With the Best to Split


Gus Hansen – Online poker Gamer Story – With the Best to Split

I don’t know one entrepreneur playing gambling. The casino may have opened but not gambling, the entrepreneur is the person who is taking a book with the risk of accounts. One of my most recently liked the side of myself live in 3 stages. First learn (learning), the second stage earn (win), the third stage, ie return at the time the whitening of hair (give back) and entrepreneurs of all to have a look today hold a successful we call Bill Gates also Ozyegins in Turkey, coaches, Sabancılar, tough on all of them All of them have a back on the back. So give it back to the society. The sharing is coming to the economy work.

Between the year 2014-2016, he founded the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Light University. By the end of 2013, 2009, he made the Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Hong Kong Science and Technology University (HKUST), which is a faculty member of 2013, was the director of the Entrepreneurship Center in the University of Science and Technology and has created a million dollars entrepreneurship competition in the region. Prior to Beba, he worked at Goldman Sachs and Özyeğin University Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs Program, $ 100 million in ’10 .000 Turkey has created his foot. Turkey and the Middle East from Europe to the Far East gave entrepreneurship education in many countries, has more than 100 publications and six books.

We should present the educational programs that are clearly establishing a profession in the young population. Of course we cannot expect every young person to make their own business. But we should give the possibilities that are able to exceed the self-confidence they can set up their own business. We must tell at home, at home, at home and at home, at home, at home, in the school and is at home, where no intentional errors are normal. We have to make a positive orientation. We have to take courage to their courage. We have to rely on them and we should show with our behavior not with the word we trust.

The beginning about entrepreneurs should be attracted to as young as you can. For example, I’m very excited about it, this is when it is called the teacher? I beg your kindergarten, I say bro. May the location begin from there. Remember the American movies you see in Hani mornings Children’s newspapers, there are no lemonade after him or something? All these are the activities that increase their ability to stand on their feet in their feet? I need to attract this age as early as you can. If it starts at an early age, this job grows much more, I try to say it much faster.

I think universities are not enough to produce new knowledge and the new information they produce with R & D, and the new information they produce with the teaching and publication channels. I agree that these are basic tasks. However, the new information produced is to return to the community of useful products and services. This task must be a financial equivalent of the added value that the information produced as it may be possible with academic commercialization. Never understood water here; Universities are not a Trading Trading and it should never be. But it should be institutions that produce financial value and to increase their research with the financial value they produce as quality and quantity, and contribute to more students and to develop social and economic development of society.

Today, the annual turnovers of the MIT graduates in Boston are more than $ 2 trillion dollars. That is, this creates an added value to the world’s first 10 economies. A significant portion of this cirone returns to the university. Thanks to the rotating supports, new laboratories, research institutes, convention halls are performed, new technologies are developed. In addition, employment to the region is achieved and the social and economic welfare level of the region increases. In summary, universities in the new century have to become institutions that can make money by converting information produced in new products and services that produce information and distributing information.

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