Gus Hansen – On line poker Gambler Report – Through the Best to Out of cash


Gus Hansen – On line poker Gambler Report – Through the Best to Out of cash

When the May, the rains stop and the temperature starts to rise quickly. Write, the temperature is further increasing with wind blowing from North Africa. However, in the coastal areas, breezes that blow off the sea, cool the environment.

Cold, snow, frost and fog; not meteorological cases known to the Bura man. On the hot summer days and nights, as I said a little before, it takes a cool breeze wind from the sea. As a result of this; Even in periods where the temperature is the highest, excessive and overwhelming are not seen hot. The moisture rate does not rise.

According to its quality, all of the hotels are classified up to five. For breakfast: You can find bread with buttery-jam bread and coffee. From the end of July, the period until September is: the period of accommodation prices is the highest period. If the dead season is: November-March. However: Christmas and Easter also rises to the prices.

After 1 January 2008, as the current currency in Malta: Euro was used. International Debit Cards are accepted.

In Malta, a good service is expected to tip from you. Mostly, some restaurants are added to the service price. If no amount is specified, you can leave 10% of your account as a tip. Also: To the carriage, for each baggage: it is appropriate to give 15 cent. The taxi drivers do not need to tip.

Malta is a country with no economic distress. In the country, the homeless citizen is not available. Due to the fact that the population is very dense, the public’s welfare level is high.

The major portion of the country’s income (97%) constitutes tourism. In particular, foreign language schools have great economic returns. In the country: there are more than 50 foreign language schools. With countries such as China, Libya and Saudi Arabia, they are in an economic intense relationship.

Cops: Write blue, wear black uniforms in winter and wear a hat. Some walk around with small motorcycle and do not carry the official sign. The police cars are: blue-white color.

All of the major cities have police centers. But all of them don’t work full time. If you witness the crime, simply translate to 199 with the phone.

Local buses: comprehensive, reliable and inexpensive. Longest Route Fee: 0.5 Euro. So: it is cheaper than transportations in metropolis cities in our country. But most of the buses are: 1950-1960s. So: there are buses running nostalgic and without problems. In front of these old models: “Super Rocky” written in a flame. Colors of the buses: Yellow in Malta, while in Gozo Gray. Give the only gate of the buses and before the landings, then boarding, this is made of the same door. The ticket is also not taken from the bus outside the bus. So, you give the driver to the driver, he gives you your ticket from a device. These transactions can take some time. But not much problems. Already: In Malta, no one is in a hurry.

At stops: Maps showing bus routes are sold. The tickets are sold up to 7 days. The bus tickets; You can buy the Valetta bank from the branches on the island.

Taxis are white color and they work according to the state determined and controlled. They have taximeters. Make sure that the fee appears on the taximeter screen, before you ride. The driver would not want to run the taximetress: Negotiate before you ride with the driver.

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