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          As a member of Net Impact Penn State Undergraduate, you have the opportunity to make the most of your interests and skills by joining one of our committees. Below, you can learn about what committees you may join, as well as the contact information of each of the Vice Presidents so you can get involved!



Marketing: Ryan Salamo

        The Marketing committee helps Net Impact by gaining valuable exposure for the events we hold. Making sure that we have an audience that knows what we are doing around campus is essential to the growth of the organization.


  • Technology: Manage the organization's website and support the management of the function.

  • Creative Operations: Create, plan and implement "out side the box" marketing events that double as opportunities to gain exposure for the organization as well as recruit new members.

  • Networking: Collaborate with HR committee in the planning of "meet and greet" type events to increase membership

  • Promotion: Responsible for primary promotion of events

  • Content Editor: Responsible for ensuring content is appropriate and ready to be published

  • Public Relations: Primary creator of content of the organization, to be published on our site and additional media sources

Requirements to Join:

      To be apart of the marketing committee you just need to be active with your contributions and attendance to meetings. You do not have to hold your own position within the committee.


Human Resources: Erika Fisher

       Within Human Resources, we focus on membership recruitment as well as membership retention. We host tabling events, honor & integrity workshops, and even social events. Lastly, the mentorship program is part of the HR committee which focuses on providing a mentor/mentee relationship for those that seek to further get involved with our chapter.


  • Communications Administration

  • Event Coordinator

  • Membership Coordinator

  • Merchandise Coordinator

  • Project Lead in Mentorship

  • Project Lead in Honor & Integrity

Requirements to Join:

      There are no specific requirements. If you are interested in getting involved within the HR committee, please make sure to contact our VP of Human Resources for further information. Thanks!



Finance: Brian Frisch 

       The Finance committee accomplishes four main missions of value: educating many Penn State students on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, building fundraising experience and camaraderie with others, working together with others to accomplish great feats, and letting others know about our chapter activities.


  • Fundraising: Planning fundraising events that we can use to partner with other organizations and raise funds for Net Impact

  • Communications: Responsible for working on our meeting agendas and other related documents

  • Education: Currently working on website materials to help students learn more about how their major can work to promote sustainability

  • Kiva Case: Helps in maintaining our partnership with the Penn State Finance Society to coordinate the Kiva Case Competition

Requirements to Join:

      There are no requirements to join the committee, but sending in a resume and brief statement of interest is helpful.


Projects: Rayne Smith

      The Projects Committee helps Net Impact by being the committee who goes out and works on projects focusing on sustainability that will have a positive effect on Penn State and the surrounding community. We strive to be the impact of Net Impact while simultaneously giving our committee members experience in project planning and teamwork skills which will help us to become better citizens and future employees.


  • Corporate Citizenship Event: Hosts companies who will make presentations to Penn State business students about their sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility practices

  • Sustainable Club Events with zero waste: To live out our values at each meeting and then also teach other clubs these procedures to make Penn State clubs more sustainable as a whole

  • Paperless Career Fair: To eliminate all of the paper waste from career fairs by replacing paper resumes with more technologically and environmentally friendly practices

  • Ink Cartridge Recycling Project: to to collect all of the waste streams of ink cartridges in the business school and then attempt to expand the practice to other colleges.

Requirements to Join:

      Our main requirement is that you must want to work on projects that will have a positive and sustainable impact on our community here at Penn State. We also require a good work ethic, as every member of our committee will be working on a project and will be expected to perform the tasks that are asked of them so that our projects can be completed successfully and in a timely manner.



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